ASSIST Research and Publications

Lee, C. E., Shogren, K. A., Segal, J., Pezzimenti, F., Aleman-Tovar, J., & Taylor, J. L. (2021). Goal attainment scaling—community-based: A method to incorporate personalized outcomes into intervention research with youth and adults on the autism spectrum. Autism.

Taylor, J. L., Pezzimenti, F., Burke, M. M., DaWalt, L. S., Lee, C. E., & Rabideau, C. (2021). Development, feasibility, and acceptability of a nationally relevant parent training to improve service access during the transition to adulthood for youth with ASD. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 1-12.


The ASSIST program was based on the Volunteer Advocacy Project- Transition (VAP-T). Below you can find published findings from the VAP-T pilot program. 

Burke, M. M., Waitz-Kudla, S. N., Rabideau, C., Taylor, J. L., & Hodapp, R. M. (2019). Pulling back the curtain: Issues in conducting an intervention study with transition-aged youth with autism spectrum disorder and their families. Autism, 23(2), 514–523.

Taylor, J. L., Hodapp, R. M., Burke, M. M., Waitz-Kudla, S. N., & Rabideau, C. (2017). Training Parents of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Advocate for Adult Disability Services: Results from a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of autism and developmental disorders47(3), 846–857.